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Academics Subpage

Academics Subpage

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  1. Robin Smith says:

    Hi there,
    A quick question about the brand bar: I work for a center that’s jointly operated by Duke, UNC, and NC State. We’re the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center, but we’re not alone: the Robertson Scholars Program, Renaissance Computing Institute, the Center for Slavic, Eurasian, and East European Studies, and a handful of other centers/institutes have joint affiliations with the 3 major universities in the Triangle. We’re unlikely to convince our directors that a Duke brand bar is a good choice for us, but if there’s any talk of developing a brand bar that combines Duke/UNC/NCState please let us know; we would definitely bite. Thanks, -Robin Smith

  2. Robin -
    There are likely to be many of these types of special circumstances. While we will be focusing our initial energies on finishing the general brand bar, we can spend some time post launch looking at those cases that require a different treatment and see if there is something we can come up with. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  3. Rob Hirtz says:

    The redesign is a big hit over here at the Office of the University Registrar! Although this is being filed under “Design” we do have one content-related concern. On this Link-Rich subpage example, “Academics,” the listing for “Registrar” found under the Undergraduate heading, we think would be better placed under the “Resources” heading. The Office of the University Registrar serves the entire university, and not just undergraduates.
    Also, the label should be “University Registrar” (not just “Registrar”) to differentiate it from the half dozen other registrar offices on campus.
    Geez, this redesign looks just terrific. Quite a stunning achievement!

  4. Ben Riseling says:

    Thank you Rob and that’s what we get for not putting “Lorem ipsum” on these mockups. There will be ample time to provide content feedback when the site is launched in beta and the site is being produced in a CMS that will make these content changes easy.

  5. Who does your SEO work?

    I’d give you a PR10 for sure LOL - nice work here.
    Very Nice ;)

  6. Ben Riseling says:


    Thanks for the kudos. The firm that did the graphic design — Viget Labs — also delivered final CSS files. Our in-house web services team did some final tweaking and the conversion into Drupal. We couldn’t have been happier with either group and the work they did.

  7. I think the redesign looks great. As long as it is search optimized it should be very effective.

  8. Hi, this is a great site, and very well thought out and well written.

    Best Regards and Best of Luck