New Duke Alert Treatment

In the event of an all-campus emergency, the site will appear with the following Alert. When posted, this Alert treatment will push all other content down on the page and remain in place until the Alert is deactivated.

New Duke Alert treatment

New Duke Alert treatment

4 Responses to “New Duke Alert Treatment”

  1. Carla Antonaccio says:

    And if the internet is down? and the VOIP phones?

  2. Ben Riseling says:

    Excellent questions. I urge you and anyone else with these questions to familiarize themselves now with all of the redundant methods that will be used to notify the Duke Community during an emergency: There are also printed fliers, fridge magnets and other “analog” options to presenting key emergency alert resource info that can be obtained from HR Communications:

  3. Rich Beck says:

    It seems obvious that this is not the only way that would be use to notify the community.

    I think it’s a great idea to have the “urgent” banner. The trick, however, will be to have good policies in place on how and when to use it. You certainly don’t want to overuse it and in the few cases when it might be needed, have clear and redundant lines of communication and implementation.

    Whatever you do, do not succumb to the DHS Red, Orange, Yellow scheme.

    I would see this as part of a wholistic and multi pronged process for emergency notification that includes the ability to SMS to student and employee cell phones.

  4. Ben Riseling says:

    You are correct that this alert bar is just one of a series of methods that Duke will use to notify its community during an alert. To find out all of the options, including how to subscribe to SMS go here: