Old Duke home pages

While we’re waiting for the next designed pages to be ready for comment, here are some links to past Duke.edu homepages.   It is always useful to look at how far we’ve come.

1997 (though probably launched earlier)



and our current site which went live in March 2006

3 Responses to “Old Duke home pages”

  1. John Bell says:

    The current one is the best so far and even better than the proposed one, but it seems to be a little too creative for everybody to like it. The new one is great too, I just like the current better. My best wishes for the redesign team.

  2. The 97 page makes me realize how long its been since I have been at the campus. I really like the redesign overall, hope everyone keeps up the great work!

  3. I was searching on Google and found this page. Thank you so much for linking to the old websites. I was telling my neice who will be attending Duke in the fall that the website was really cool back in the day and she laughed at me, until she saw it. Clean design, easy navigation, still is timeless, though the redesign is really nice as well.

    Thanks for sharing =)