Spotlight Page

A prominent feature of the new home page is the “Spotlight” boxes that run horizontally across the top half of the screen. Nine boxes rotate through this space, each highlighting one of the university’s key themes: knowledge in service to society, learning across disciplines and so forth. When you click on one of these boxes, you go to the Spotlight page for that theme. The Spotlight page features a rich array of video, multimedia and stories, all illustrating the theme. Together, the nine Spotlights illuminate the story of what makes Duke such a special place.

Pictured here is the Spotlight page for one of the nine themes:

NOTE:  This is a flat image.  No actual multimedia is playable on this mockup.

NOTE: This is a flat image. No actual multimedia is playable on this mockup.

4 Responses to “Spotlight Page”

  1. Rich Beck says:

    The thumbnail is a little tough to see so I can’t tell if you have these features, or not:

    Please ensure that the Search feature is obvious.
    Make it easy to find the Admissions page(s). I say this as an alumni interview and HS college night volunteer. Potential students and parents need to easily be able to find admissions and financial aid info on the Duke site.

  2. Ben Riseling says:


    If you click on any thumbnail in these posts you’ll see a larger image. You’ll then see that Search and Admissions are prominently placed in the top banner of every page. I hope this addresses your concerns.

  3. Michael Ansel says:


    I’m assuming you are referring to “Search or Browse all of Duke University.” Is this a link to an external page with more options or a javascript snippet that displays more links/search box when you mouseover/click on it? Although static images never give a true feel for a modern web site, I feel like using single link as the funnel to *all* non-PR information could be very frustrating to site visitors, especially because that link seems to blend into the header a little too much given its importance.

    Along similar lines, would it be possible for you guys to put up HTML mockups of the homepage? (or are you still in the Photoshop stage?) Thanks!

  4. Ben Riseling says:

    The Search or Browse all Duke University link creates a javscript-run drop down that pushes the content of the page down revealing all of the navigation elements from the home page. This is not PR information but rather essential links to all major navigation and also resources and tools, a complete list of schools and institutes and more. Just static links and nothing more. I will post a screen shot of this drop down in action later today.