Brand Bar in Action

There have been several questions and at least one blog post about what exactly happens when a user clicks on the Brand Bar.  In a previous post on the Spotlights page a collapsed Brand Bar is shown at the top with a button to the far right marked “Search or Browse all of Duke University”.

This Brand Bar will be available via a simple include file, by request, from a link on a new Style Guide page that will be launching with the site.  As mentioned before,  clicking on the Brand Bar button will expand the bar and push all of the site’s content below the fold revealing several lists of static links to all of the key links, resources and tools listed on the main home page.  I’ve placed a screen shot of this expanded view from a sample page in production below.

Click this image to expand:

An expanded Brand Bar

An expanded Brand Bar

4 Responses to “Brand Bar in Action”

  1. Michael Ansel says:

    Awesome! That looks fantastic and is exactly what I was hoping for with my previous comment. Just to play the devil’s advocate, how are text-only and NoScript-ed browsers handled? Is JS just a hard requirement, or is there a graceful fallback method? I can’t wait to see this live!

  2. Ben Riseling says:

    Michael sorry for the delay in answering. Folks with NoScript-ed browsers who click on the Brand Bar will instead be redirected to the Duke home page. This solution makes sense because the long list of links found in the expanded Brand Bar are all found on the Duke home page. We’ve tested this and it works great! Thanks again for the great questions.

  3. Polprav says:

    Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

  4. Ben Riseling says:

    Polprav. Go ahead. Sorry for the delay in responding.